Superior Windshield Replacement With Titan Auto Glass

Recently, Titan Auto Glass had to replace a windshield that was cracked. It was on a 2008 Subau Tribeca, which is a relatively new car. When we pulled out the old windscreen, we noticed that around the lip of the metal frame that the windshield glass sits in was an extreme amount of rot and rust damage.   How could this have happened? The car isn’t old and it has been well maintained and well taken care of. When we asked the owner about her car, she told us she had gotten the glass replaced once before by another company.   Right then, we knew the culprit. Many other companies replace their glass as quickly and as cheaply as they can. When other auto glass companies replace glass, they use cheap urethane sealants. These cheaper sealants can actually have a conductivity to them, which interacts with the metal frame and can cause detrimental rotting to the metal surface. The conductivity of these cheaper sealants can even cause your GPS or radio signals to scramble, causing annoying problems.   Luckily, Titan Auto Glass offers free rot repair for situations just like this. We properly finish out the rot and repair it so that it’s as good as new. We then fit the new windshield in the car properly, and seal it with the highest grade urethane auto glass sealant on the market, with zero conductivity. Our windshield installs are almost undetectable from a factory install, setting a bar many others cannot compete with.   We don’t believe in cutting corners, and it’s why Titan Auto Glass has such a strong reputation. Constantly our small business is bombarded by the huge franchise big boys trying to undercut us, but we still cannot be beat, because the bigger companies will never be able to provide the level of customer service, quality workmanship, and high grade materials that Titan Auto Glass prides itself on. This Subaru owner knows now that she won’t do business with the other low quality auto glass companies, she’ll be going back to Titan, where she knows her vehicle will be properly taken care of.   If you need your windshield or other auto glass replaced, you can be sure that with Titan you’re getting the absolute best quality of work coupled with true affordability. Titan Auto Glass is located in Woburn MA and we serve all of Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we will come to you. Call us today!  978-886-9693