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2001 Toyota Highlander Windshield Replacement in Milford NH

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Often times windshields are cracked by gravel and small rocks flung from the road. Sometimes a rouge softball will be the culprit, and other times extreme temperatures can cause stress fracture. In this particular case, this driver had an unfortunate collision with a deer.   This 2001 Toyota Highlander windshield replacement was not paid for […]

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2000 Jeep Cherokee Windshield Replacement in Winchester MA

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When it comes to insurance coverage, Titan Auto Glass always bills the full amount to your insurance company, so you have $0 to pay out of pocket. Sometimes though, a customer wants a windshield replacement for a vehicle that isn’t insured, so they ask to pay cash.   Although Titan is a top tier auto […]

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Choose Titan Because You Can

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Freedom of Choice.  If you’re replacing your windshield or auto glass through your auto insurance coverage, then you have the freedom to choose the best. Many auto insurers will quickly direct you to their partner auto glass company. These companies often provide rushed low quality work, because they’re focused on their bottom line. You have […]

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Finished! BMW M3 Custom Roof & Windshield Replacement

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Last week, we posted a blog about Sublime Auto Restoration’s BMW M3 carbon fiber roof replacement, where they were going to cut off the roof of a BMW, manufacture an in-house custom carbon fiber roof, and replace it onto the BMW’s frame. Titan went in before they began working on the roof and removed the […]

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Lexan Windshield Removal for Racing BMW M3 in Newton NH

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Titan Auto Glass’s clientele really spans the full spectrum. One day we’re replacing a windshield on a Subaru, the next day we’re taking out a windshield on a racing BMW M3. When it comes to specialized or custom car shops, Titan is always the preferred choice. This time, we were asked by our friends at […]

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2003 Subaru Outback Windshield Replacement in Somerville MA

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Titan Auto Glass is a brand that is built around quality. We never skimp on materials or expertise, and it’s why anytime custom car shops or high end auto mechanics need auto glass services, they call Titan, because they know they’re getting the best. Even still, Titan Auto Glass manages to deliver an impressive affordability, […]

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2007 Lincoln Navigator Windshield Replacement

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Sound Acoustic Windshield Interlay Recently Titan Auto Glass replaced a windshield on a 2007 Lincoln Navigator. We often deal with windshields with rain sensors or light sensors, but this windshield had something we don’t often see. This windshield had a “sound acoustic interlay” layered into the glass. The purpose of this is to cut down […]

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Racing BMW M3 Custom Windshield Placement

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Our friends at Sublime Auto Restoration called us up and asked us to help them on one of their clients’ cars that they’re working on. This was a racing BMW M3 (turbo).   This M3 is fitted with a carbon fiber hood and a carbon fiber trunk for reduced weight. The owner now wants to […]

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2007 Honda Civic Windshield Replacement in Methuen, MA

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Windshield fractures are usually from one of two things: extreme temperature or gravel flung from the road. Rarely, there’s some other reason though, and this 2007 Honda Civic in Methuen, MA is one of those rare stories. This windshield met its demise when it was slammed into by a rouge softball. One thing about softballs, […]

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Restored 1989 Saab 900 Windshield Replacement

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Saab cars are a rare breed these days. A company spawned from the Swedish aerospace and defense company, Saabs were always thought of as quirky yet safe cars catering to those of unique taste. Saab pioneered many odd styles and mechanical innovations, such as bringing turbo engines into the mainstream. Unfortunately, the Saab brand came […]

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